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Microsoft SPLA

If you want to be able to offer end users the chance to access software and applications as a part of your business, then you may want to consider Microsoft Servies Provider License Agreement



Offer the very best software licences to your customers


Always have your customers in mind and ensure that what you offer them works for their needs


Also ensure that you focus on growing your own business too


No matter how many licences that you offer, you can always manage them with ease

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About Microsoft SPLAs

Microsoft Servies Provider License Agreements, also known as SPLAs are designed to help you to licence the latest eligible Microsoft software products, services and hosted applications to your end customers.

The great thing about choosing SPLA is that it helps you to support your end customers across a variety of needs and hosting scenarios; always working to provide them with the exact things that they need and what is right for your business too.

Not only this, but by choosing SPLA you can tailor the solutions that you provide to your customers. They not only get a robust solution to their needs, but you can make sure that it is easy to manage and that it is fitting with what your business can offer too.

Flexibility is always key with SPLA. After all, every business needs to grow and change and so do those people who rely on your service too. However, you need to ensure that the management of these services and software agreements is as easy as possible for you. When it is easy for you to manage, then you can ensure that you provide the very best service to your customers, no matter what it is that they need from you and what they need to grow their own business.

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Here at On-IT we know that it is important to feel that you can trust your software licences and Cloud services provider. This is why we have worked hard to always offer the very best service to our clients. No matter their industry and their size.

We are a trusted Microsoft Software partner; which is something that we are proud to say. This means that we are able to provide you with an expert level of advice and support on these all-important software and Cloud services. We can ensure that you have the right tools for your business and that you can grow over time.

We also focus on getting to know your business, both as it is right now and also where you want it to be in the future. By understanding your business, we can ensure that what we offer you fits with your needs. We don’t try to make a one size fits all approach work for your business, instead we focus on a customer-based approach. One that can be tailored to your needs. After all, no two businesses are the same, so, why should we treat them this way?

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