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Microsoft Software Assurance

It goes without saying that Microsoft design software packages that are supposed to make your business easier to manage and the day to day work easier to do for your employees.



Every business needs a different approach, so make sure that you have the software that works for you


Effectively manage the user access to these software packages from one place


Software licences can be expensive, so find a way to keep the costs down as much as you can


We all hope our businesses grow over time, so make sure that your software will grow with you

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About Microsoft Software Assurance

The trouble comes when you need to know which software package is right for your business as well as how to make it work for you.

This is where we can help here at On-IT. We are experts in a range of Microsoft software products. We not only know which ones work best for your business needs, but we can also offer them to you in a way which is cost-effective too.

We are proud Microsoft partners and we can offer our Software Assurance package. This is a comprehensive programme which helps with volume licensing. It ensures that you have the right software to work for your business.

You can choose Microsoft products which will ensure that you take full advantage of what they can do for your business. Not only right now, but also in the future too.

With Software Assurance, you can manage the software access for one user effectively, but you manage the software access for a number of users. As well as these useful features, you can ensure that in the future, if it is needed, you can add additional users to your programme and they can have the access that they need to the software packages that are right for your business.

So long as you have more than 5 users that require software packages, then you can see how Software Assurance can work for your business.

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Here at On-IT we are experts in all things Microsoft, in fact, we are recognised Microsoft partners, which means that we can offer you a broad range of products that Microsoft have created.

We will be able to advise you to ensure that you have the right software for your business. We will work with you to learn more about what it is that you do, where you are right now and where you see your business going in the future.

In doing this we can ensure that you not only have the right software products for right now, but that you also have the right software products to allow your business to grow and change over time.

We don’t believe that a one size fits all model should be applied to IT provision and IT support, which is why we will never offer this to you. Instead we work with you and we will understand what your business needs are as best we can.

No matter the size of your business, we know what it takes to ensure that you have the right IT and the right software packages. We will help your users to access everything that they need, whilst ensuring that you keep the costs down. We will also help you to learn how you can effectively manage multiple licences for your software, without it causing you too much of a headache.

No matter which licence you need, which software package is going to work best for your business and the level of support that will get you there, let us help you through the process. We can make IT work for you, rather than you feel that you are working against it.

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