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Microsoft CSP

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Programme is there to ensure that you make the Cloud work for your business!



Make sure that your Cloud subscription works for your business


Effectively and efficiently manage all of your subscriptions and ensure that they are the right one for you


Subscribe to either monthly or annual packages, whichever works best for your business


Learn more about both of these options and which one will give you the Cloud access that your business needs

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About Microsoft CSP

Flexibility is key when it comes to any business; things will change and your business will grow and move with the times. This means that you are going to want to make sure that your software and the tools that you use for the everyday running of your business are able to move with you.

Recognising just how flexible the Cloud can be, Microsoft have set up their Cloud Solution Provider Programme (CSP). The idea of this Programme is that it allows partners of Microsoft to directly manage the entire Microsoft Cloud lifecycle for their customers.

Partners are able to provide their customers with efficient and effective management of their subscriptions, as well as combining a variety of aspects of their package, offering them as one monthly or annual subscription package.

There is also a choice between Direct and Indirect CSP. Direct is a process that requires a much more robust infrastructure to manage and ensure that it is offered in the right way, whereas the Indirect CSP is easier to manage and allows for indirect partners to be included within the process which help to provide key tools and resources to manage customer relationships.

Ultimately, the idea of CSP is to ensure that more customers can take advantage of the power of the Cloud and ensure that their business works the best that it can, no matter where they are based.

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If you are looking for a CSP partner and you want to ensure that you have the right company behind you, then you are going to want to check us out here at On-IT. We are experts in a range of licensing and IT support tasks and we can make sure that whatever it is that you need, it is going to be the perfect fit for your business.

We do this by working with you, learning more about what it is that you offer and what it is that you do. When we have this key information,  we can start to consider your needs and think about the best approach to meet them. We don’t believe that one size fits all is always the right way to go, and this is why we tailor our packages to be able to deliver what it is that you need.

We have experience across a variety of aspects of IT support and we work with clients of all types and sizes, as well as a wealth of projects too. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small, we still want to ensure that we bring quality results, whatever it is.

We are a recognised Microsoft Partner, which allows us to work with clients across a range of Microsoft products. We can provide you with expert support and advice on their range and ensure that you are properly licenced too.

It doesn’t matter which product, software or licence you choose, you can be sure that we will guide you through the process whatever your needs are.

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