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Data Security

Ensure that your business data is protected and safe from harm. All using a variety of data security methods.



It has never been more important to keep your data safe and protected from harm


You won’t want your data to get into the wrong hands, so protect it with data security


With a number of approaches, you can find one that works best for your business. This includes masking, encryption and even erasure too


No matter whether you are big or small, you will find what you are looking for with our help. We can ensure that your data is kept secure and that your business is protected

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About Data Security

We like to think that the data that we store, send and receive as a part of our business transactions are safe. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, data can be at risk more than you realise. These risks could be intentional or accidental and could include the destruction of the data, modification of data or disclosure of data that should not be disclosed.

In order to protect this valuable data and ensure that it is only ever in the right hands, data security is paramount. The great thing about data security is that it comes in a variety of forms, which means that you can definitely find one that works perfectly for your business.

You can use data encryption, which applies a code to your data and then ensures that only those with granted access can obtain that data.  You can also use data masking, which meant that specific areas of data can be protected from any possible malicious actions.

Data security also covers things such as erasure of data, this is when you arrange for old data, that is no longer active, to be erased properly from any systems on which it is held. It can also help if you are concerned about backing up data should it become corrupted or erased during an attack.

It doesn’t matter if you a big company or a small company, you should always do whatever you can to protect your data and protect your company. Why not see which approach to data security is the right one for you with a little help from an expert?

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Here at On-IT, we know that your data is hugely important to your business as a whole and that you are going to want to do whatever you can to protect it. This means calling on an expert in data security. Something that we take great pride in.

We understand that every company is different, and every company is going to need a different level of support when it comes their security. We will work with you to find the right approach and ensure that whatever it is that you need, you can find with our help.

When you come to us, you can have the peace of mind that whatever data you hold, is going to be perfectly protected and is away from harm too.

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