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Audit, Assess & Review

Ensure that your security policies and procedures are as robust as they need to be to keep your company secure. All with the help of our audit and assessment process which will review and report on the measures that you have in place.



The best place to start is by identifying which measures you already have in place to ensure cyber security in your business


Look at the policies and procedures that you current work to and see if the guidance that they outline is actually working for you


If you need an extra level of support to maintain protection, then we can help identify which additional approach you may need


We are experts in all things cyber security which means that we can advise you what you may need to do in the future

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About Audit, Assess & Review

There is a reason that security policies and procedures are put in place for your business. These will not only protect you as a company, but also the data that you hold on your customers too. However, despite putting time and effort into them, they might not always be the right approach.

Our audit assesses and review service is designed to help you to understand whether or not your security measures are working for you. As experts in all thing’s security, we can help you not only identify any areas of risk, but also how best to protect against them.

We will take a look at your policies and procedures, as well as which guidelines you may already have in place for your business. We will identify areas of inadequacy and how you can make sure that your strategies are adequate too.

Our recommendations will not only meet with what is best for your business, but also the minimum-security measures that will ensure that you are compliant within your security measures.

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An audit might be something that you worry about, but in the most part they can really help you to identify what is working well as well as what needs to change. Here at On-IT our audit service is designed to ensure that you have exactly the right security measures for your business.

We are experts in IT systems, products and security which has led us to develop a range of managed services available to our clients. We will always work with you to find out how best to help you, whilst others may simply take a one size fits all approach to security measures, we never will.

We will learn about your business, we will learn about what you do and how you help your customers. When we have all this information, then we can use it as a part of our audit process, checking over what measures are right for you and ensuring that they are currently in place.

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