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Whilst you may an expert in your own business and what you can offer your customers, the same might not apply to cyber security. This is where we can help you. Our security consulting service is designed to ensure that you are guided to the right solutions for your business.

Not only this, but once we have recommended what is best for you then we can also advise you how best to put these things in place. We will take into account not only where your business is right now, but also where it might be in the future.


One of the best ways to protect the data that your business holds is to monitor the network and analyse the information that is stored and save. Not only will this ensure that any valid threats will be detected, but also that you can eliminate any risks and ensure that you are always protected. No matter the time, no matter the reason, being able to manage this part of the security process is vitally important.

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Security is something that every business needs to take seriously. However, the trouble is that you may not know where to start to keep your business and your customers safe and secure. This is where our managed SOC can help. Designed to give you a dedicated security centre, you will be able to keep everything secure, without having to have any part of it based on site. Saving you money and ensuring that your key IT staff can spend their time on other tasks.

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Ensure that your firewalls are the very best that they can be. 24/7. We can ensure that your firewalls are managed, monitored and maintained in order to keep them safe and secure. We will work with you to provide a firewall that is available and that is designed in a way that maximises the privacy of any of the information that could be at risk. Protecting you against any threats or attacks.

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The last thing that any business will want to admit about their security is that they could be vulnerable to attacks. However, this is more often than not the case. There are a variety of threats that you may face as a business and ensuring that you recognise them and know how to rectify them is vital. Our managed vulnerability scanning service will help to identify the key risks that your business can face and will figure out how best to rectify them and avoid any damage that they could do.

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If you want to take the security measures for your business seriously and make sure that you are always protected; then get in touch with us. Here at On-IT, we are experts in IT security, and we can make sure that no matter the threat or risk that you may face during business, you will be protected.

Professionals during every single part of the process we will take care of everything that matters to your business and we will work with you to learn about your concern. Not only this, but we will also think about the best ways to protect you against any threats and ensure that any possible damage is limited.

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