Are Staff Leaving Your Organisation A Cybersecurity Threat?

It’s pretty well known that human error is responsible for a large degree of issues that occur in business, be they service problems, bad decisions made, financial liabilities or IT problems. Human interaction with your IT is inevitable – and business critical – but it poses a risk. With cybersecurity coming into constant focus as a result of news stories on data breaches, malicious hacker attacks and information loss, the underlying cause of many of these disruptions is no longer the unspecified but evil foreign influences…. but rather sources sitting on your seats at your desks. The problem is not external forces, but internal resources.

A survey conducted of 500 IT specialists working in 300 organisations found that the experts are struggling to stay abreast of the constantly evolving and growing threats posed to the businesses within which they work. 79% of staff surveyed cited limited resources – both human and technological – as their biggest blockage from allowing them to carry out their job properly. Even more worryingly, 72% were considering leaving their job as a result!

This is a scarily high statistic, yes, but additionally must be examined within the specific sector within which these staff are operating. Such staff are highly qualified and trained, often with specific and comprehensive experience that means they are not easily replaced. Over half of those surveyed mentioned that they felt there was a lack of cybersecurity experts to recruit, so it’s well acknowledged that the sector is suffering with a lack of human resource.

What’s more, any staff leaving will take with them a vast amount of company-specific security information that will need to be changed and safeguarded against immediately upon their departure to ensure no further interaction. Handovers must be comprehensive and completed by experts – not just the one leaving!

Even those who do stay loyal to their company and are able to stay in their roles are struggling. With the sector as a whole suffering from a lack of qualified talent, and UK organisations operating an average of 33 (!) different software programs for their day-to-day work, workloads are high and often overwhelming. 57% of those surveyed felt they were overloaded with work, and 65% admitted they needed more tech to be implemented to catch up. It seems to be a never-ending cycle of under resourcing… despite, of course, the important nature of the work at stake.

Despite the lack of talent in the sector, there are experts out there! ON IT have a whole team of cybersecurity staff who specialise in a range of threat types and protection procedures and are able to both give advice and implement security features to relieve the pressure on your existing staff and best safeguard your business.