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Installing one single computer is easy enough to do. You don’t have to have any particular set of IT skills in order to get it up and running. However, when you have a higher number of computers, or your needs are more complicated, things can get a lot harder.

This is where our hardware and installation service can help. We can help businesses of a variety of sizes to have the right hardware put in place for their needs. We have expertise in installing complicated systems and networks and also ensure that your staff are properly trained on using that equipment too.

You can also ask us to maintain and service your equipment on a regular basis, all to make sure that everything that you have already had installed, is working as it should be.

Our hardware and installation services cover a wide range of aspects of the process. We work with you on consultancy, helping you to plan what you need and where. We will also procure the right hardware for your business. We then move onto the installation, where will put the hardware in place and finally, we offer a management service, whereby we will ensure that the equipment that has been installed works just as it should.


Ensure that your IT equipment and hardware are perfect for your needs with our consultancy service. Designed to talk you through the process and put the plans in place to save you money, time and still get everything that you need

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Let us help you to source the best quality hardware for your business. Our procurement service will find the right equipment, from the right suppliers all at the right price for your budget too

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One of the hardest parts of the process is installing the hardware and ensuring that it is properly put in place. We can make sure that this happens, and also that it is done in as quick a time as possible

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Hardware installation is more than just putting it in place. It is also managing the equipment that you put in place and checking whether it is working as it should and is completely fit for purpose

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