The world is relying on technology more and more every day, and if you haven’t already, now is the time to consider the impact that such reliance has on your business. Organisations of all types, shapes and sizes now have at least some involvement with IT and for many, such interactions are crucial to the delivery of products and services. This leaves no allowance for issues, downtime or maintenance – your end user should receive a seamless service, no matter what.

The thorough management of a business’ IT is a full-time job for at least one person: and smaller organisations may not be able to facilitate this, particularly if it spreads to take up more resource. Aside from the hire, expenditure, training, development and management of dedicated IT staff, firms must ensure that such focus does not detract from other responsibilities or business-as-usual – and this is before considerations are made for an ‘always-on’ 24/7 provision to avert any crises or downtime.

The solution for many businesses, therefore, is to outsource their IT support to experts who can act as though they are part of the company as a strategic partnership offering service and  coverage that would be difficult to maintain in-house.

Resource management is not the only efficiency that can be reached by outsourcing IT support. It’s safer: spreading the risk from just one or two individuals, as well ensuring that those dealing with IT provision can be constantly trained to keep abreast of the latest technological developments to continually deliver the highest possible levels of service even in a constantly changing sector. Having access to a team of IT technicians around-the-clock allows any issues to be identified and rectified whenever they arise, without the impact of staff sickness, holidays or leave.

It has also been proven that efficient IT management increases staff productivity, as small niggles such as slow loading-times and awkward workarounds can be resolved quickly – no longer forcing staff to lose work time to them. Such issues are often ignored but the time impacts resulting from them add up quickly; and once fixed, the difference is notable. Utilising an outsourced helpdesk facility allows staff to tap into a single point of contact for rapid resolution without the distraction of someone they may know attending their desk and causing disruption by taking over the workstation to force through updates or changes.

When done correctly, outsourcing IT support can prove invaluable for a business. On IT offer a range of comprehensive servicing packages that can be tailored to your company’s requirements to provide support that is second-to-none, no matter the sites, equipment or demands of your business. Fully accredited by the likes of Microsoft, Sage, Cisco and Avast, our expert team of support staff offer proactive help and servicing to tie in with all major hardware and software products in a timely and efficient manner. Contact On IT today to discuss in-depth what you’d like from an IT department that feel as though they’re truly part of your company – working with you as well as for you.

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