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Microsoft Office 365

Now known as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office 365 gives you access to all the software that you need to effectively run your business, no matter where you are



There are a variety of Microsoft packages that you can use for your business. These include Word, Outlook and Excel


With Microsoft Office 365 you can access the exact packages that you need for your business, remotely


Make it as easy as possible for you and your employees to access everything they need


Remote workers can come together, without even being in the same place. All made easier with Teams and Cloud packages

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About Microsoft Office 365

When it comes to modern business, Microsoft has had a huge impact on how we run our business and how our employees’ work. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Outlook emails; they have all become a key part of how we communicate, work and run our business.

People who work on computers will be used to using Microsoft packages every single day. Over the years they have had to be downloaded onto a computer and then accessed locally from the hard drive of that computer. Everything that is created is then saved locally onto the computer and can only be accessed by that user, on that computer.

Whilst this has been the usual way of doing things for some time, thing are changing. This is all thanks to the introduction of the Cloud. The Cloud is a virtual space, where you can access and save what you want and need no matter where you are. This is made even better thanks to Microsoft Office 365. Now known as simply Microsoft 365, this Cloud based programme gives you the ability to access a range of the best that Microsoft has to offer, remotely.

This includes the key packages such as Word, Outlook and Excel. It also includes Teams, which is ideal for businesses. Teams helps you to arrange video calls, conference calls and instant messaging. You can also use it to share documents remotely and work together on projects.

Something that modern businesses with users based in a variety of places can benefit from.

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If you want to try Microsoft Office 365 for your business, then you are going to want to ensure that you have an expert putting it in place for you. This is where On-IT can help. We are a recognised Microsoft Partner, which means that we are able to offer you and advise on exactly what your business needs.

We will get to know what your business needs, we will learn more about your requirements and we will ensure that what you have will work best for you. Not only will we support you for the here and now, but also look at where you want to go in the future too.

No matter what it is that you are looking for, we can help you to achieve it and we will ensure that your business always has the right tools and can access everything that you need remotely.

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