Cloud Migration Assessment

Cloud migration and assessment is a process which lets our clients understand, learn, as well as migrate data to the cloud. In the initial phase, we listen to our clients’ requirement(s) and analyze their business strategy and objective, which will help their business to scale. Through this service, we can determine a significant cloud computing role and use it to strategize your business, and IT plans. More than 75% of companies are using bespoke cloud migration strategy to scale their business moving forward.

On IT will use this process to suggest the best cloud strategy and create a road map which will be based on proper platforms such as IaaS, PaaS, as well as, SaaS depending on your individual requirements. We provide a cloud option evaluation, for instance, private, public, and hybrid, and cost-effective solution but offer recommendations to help your decision making.

Still working with on-premise kit and dealing with these challenges?

  • Expensive upgrades
  • Difficult to enhance
  • Costly & impractical maintenance
  • Constraining business growth

We follow a comprehensive cloud migration assessment methodology. Our process involves four collaboration phases.

Business is definitely moving forward with cloud migration, but often there is a lack of understanding of the key features:

  • Which cloud application is the best for them?
  • Knowing which cloud service provider will be the best
  • The transition process into a virtual environment
  • Enhancing user adoption

Why do I need to assess a migration to the cloud?

  • It provides a better road map which allows users to focus more on the core competencies of the business along with the goals.
  • It helps you to improve business applications.
  • It provides a clear view whether the migration is viable for your business needs.
  • We assess reliability based on individual requirements.
  • Implementation can change according to the business environment.