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Three Key Reasons Why Backing Up Your Data is Essential

As a successful business in the modern age, the most valuable asset you have isn’t your inventory. It isn’t even that expensive new computer hardware you recently invested in.

No, if there’s one asset that really makes the biggest difference to your entire operation, it’s your data.

As important for generating sales as it is for helping you make informed decisions about the long-term growth of your company, everything you do is ultimately driven by data.

Still, let’s be honest:

As a growing business, protecting that precious data may not seem like the best use of limited resources. After all, you’ve survived this long without backing up your data, so why start now?


The truth is that the very same businesses who insist that a disaster recovery strategy isn’t necessary are often those who suffer the most when unforeseen emergencies arise.

Not convinced?

Here are just three of the many compelling reasons why backing up your data is such an essential move, no matter what the size of your business.

1: Comply with Data Protection Rules

Since it first came into force on May 25th, 2018, there’s been no escaping the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European-wide directive that requires businesses to put data protection front and centre of their entire operation.

Under Article 32 (‘Security of Processing’), GDPR requires that businesses possess “the ability to restore the availability and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident;’

In other words, if something goes wrong and you lose your data, it’s imperative that you’re able to restore it lest you face the kind of crippling GDPR-sanctioned penalties that are enough to force some businesses to close their doors.

2: Protect Against Viruses and Ransomware

If you’re a small or medium business, then it’s easy to think that cybercriminals will overlook you in favour of larger-enterprises. Yet it’s precisely this lack of concern about cybersecurity that makes so many companies most vulnerable to attack.

In 2018 alone, 71% of ransomware attacks targeted SMBs simply because their defences were easier to penetrate than those of major organisations.

For the unfamiliar, a ransomware attack involves criminals encrypting all of your data and basically holding it hostage until you hand over a sizeable amount of money.

Yet this doesn’t have to happen to you. If you’ve invested in a quality data backup plan, you simply wipe your drive clean and restore your latest backup.

The same goes for malicious viruses which can wipe out your entire hard-drive. If you’ve got your data backed up, you can restore it and get your business up and running again in no time.

3: Recover after physical disasters

Of course, not all data threats are cyber-related. The real world poses plenty of dangers too. Fires, floods and natural disasters can all obliterate your hardware.

That’s not to mention the potential pitfalls of hard drive failures and server errors that could wipe out your data for good.

It’s for this reason that having at least one recent copy of your data backed up to an off-site location is so critical.

According to one study, fewer than 10% of businesses can recover from a major disaster without a proper data backup solution in place, so if your business is to avoid becoming one of them, it pays to take action sooner rather than later.

Is your business set up to survive a data loss disaster? For a free, no-obligation quote on state-of-the-art data backup solutions, contact ON IT online today. Alternatively, speak to our disaster recovery specialists by calling now on (+44) 0330 0945946.

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