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The Cloud: What is Microsoft Azure? 

Many businesses globally are starting their process of migrating to the Cloud. At On IT we offer a variety of Cloud services to help business to find the best fit for them. What many are finding is that it is a surprisingly easy and swift transition with Microsoft Azure’s Cloud solutions, and is something worth investing in. It seems to be pretty much all anyone is talking about in the world of tech, but what can Cloud computing achieve for you and your business?

What exactly is Cloud computing? 

Essentially cloud computing works a bit differently to our ordinary computing systems. You can now access a huge amount of data and resources online via Microsoft Cloud (and other providers) without needing everything in your own hardware system or on-premise. This means that everything from emails and contacts to files, to databases and web servers can all be stored virtually and easily accessed any time or place.  

Microsoft Azure is one of the world’s leading Cloud services that is constantly growing and evolving to ensure that you can stay up to date and ahead of the curve.  

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services 

Getting set up with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services is a quick and easy process. You will immediately have access to the Azure Portal where you can begin to create cloud-based resources, run virtual machine and create and cater everything to your business.  

Microsoft Azure is also commonly used for hosting databases and storing data in the Cloud. Many organisations choose to use Microsoft Azure storage space to archive necessary data and files, as it is a secure and trustworthy solution. 

What is Microsoft Azure Used For? 

As businesses all over the world are considering the importance of security, back up and disaster recovery, moving to Cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure has never been more important. Any business that plans to expand, must bear in mind GDPR compliance regulations and must keep their users safe from cyber-attacks or data loss.  

Microsoft Azure can be your safety net for these three worrying scenarios. It will allow you to have consistent access to all files through Microsoft Azure backup, and it will safely store and recover data that might otherwise have been lost in a disaster.  

Migrating to the Cloud will enable your users to pick up right where they left off, on any device, in any location.  Ultimately, you will save time, increase productivity and be there for your customers when they need you.  

Find out why more companies than ever before are migrating to the Cloud. 



Top 5 reasons to choose Microsoft Azure:  

  • It does the hard work for you
    • Microsoft Azure requires no maintenance from users – it will update itself and be proactive in keeping you at the forefront of modern businesses. 
  • Trusted security
    • Cyber-attacks are sadly not one-off occurrences. Any organisation can be at risk, and hackers are getting smarter and more creative in their approaches. Trusting that your sensitive data is kept completely safe is vital.  
  • Bespoke
    • Your Microsoft Azure system can be created on your terms, with your specific business needs at the heart of it.  
  • Ready for the future
    • Not only is Microsoft Azure scalable to grow as your business grows, but it will also have your back if and when a crisis occurs.
  • Value for money
    • On IT will advise you on the best Azure Cloud system for your business. This means that you won’t pay for what you don’t use. Upgrades or scaling down are always an option that can be implemented seamlessly.  


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Microsoft Azure is the right choice for businesses looking to expand in the future and needing a reliable Cloud solution to expand and adapt with them. Investing in Microsoft Azure will ultimately decrease your daily maintenance work as well as mundane tasks such as device management so that you have more time to do your job well.  

On IT are official Microsoft Partners, contact us if you have any questions or would like some advice on migrating to the Cloud. We also offer free Cloud Migration Assessments so you can know upfront the commitment required from you.

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