Backup As A Service

Our easy to setup, secure, scalable backup solutions mean you can be safe in the knowledge that your company data is safe, a copy is stored offsite in a cloud of your choice as well available locally for fast restore. Look to also use our Disaster Recovery service and you can also benefit from making sure your IT environment is always available.

What is BaaS (Backup as a Service)?

Online backup service, also known as cloud backup or backup as a service (BaaS), is a method of offsite data storage in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a hard drive are regularly backed up by a service vendor to a remote secure cloud-based data repository over a network connection. The purpose of online backup is simple and straightforward: to protect the information – whether it’s business data or personal – from the risk of loss associated with user error, hacking, or any other kind of technological disaster.

On IT provide tailored solutions against your requirements to ensure that your data is protected, secure and corrigible if and when the need arises. Our tailored solutions can protect data globally, On Premise, in the Cloud or a Hybrid of the two.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Simplify your Onsite and Offsite Disaster Recovery to ensure your business can continue to serve your customers even when the worst happens. As more companies realise the need for a Disaster Recovery solution regardless if they have experienced data loss or outage. On IT have designed and built cost effective, secure and customisable solutions to suit your needs.

What is DRaaS?

DRaaS is a comprehensive third-party service that uses cloud and on-premise resources to back up vital data and applications, as well as providing system failover to a secondary infrastructure. DRaaS replicates your production infrastructure and all its processes onto a secondary, or recovery, infrastructure so that you can transition to a backup environment seamlessly, allowing your business services to continue as usual.

This secondary infrastructure can be implemented in the event of an IT disruption, providing you with a backup working environment whilst your original environment is repaired and your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is put into action. DRaaS also assists the failback when you are ready to move services back to your original server, immediately resuming replication services to protect against future outages.

The level of support required by each business can vary, with some companies choosing to protect their entire environment and others selecting just the most vital functions. The services are laid out in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that forms a contract between the customer and supplier allowing for flexibility and scalability to suit the needs of any business.