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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Data is the essence of any organization. A staggering 60% of companies that lose critical data shut down within 6 months of the loss. Data loss is often a major concern for software-as-a-service (SaaS) customers because SaaS vendors’ backup policies cannot guarantee a complete and speedy restore of lost data. Data can be put in jeopardy by user error, hacking, sync issues, or malicious insiders.

Every organization has essential data which are highly crucial for the company. Do you know that almost 60% of companies that lose data gets shut down within just six months after the loss? Data loss is a significant concern. We all know that you can lose data because of many things; hacking, user errors, malicious insiders, as well as sync issues. Data loss worries everyone.However, you can now easily protect all your data and essential information by using our robust backup as a service solution. Backup as a service with cloud tiering means storage on demand.

A service model featuring cloud storage provides elasticity when on-premise equipment reaches maximum capacity. And backups are so critical that running out of storage is not an option.

Backing up data to traditional equipment can sometimes be problematic. For eight-tape loaders, moving to the ninth creates a challenging change in process. For 100-terabyte disk nodes, backing up the 101st terabyte often forces an upgrade. BaaS with cloud tiering takes away those hard breakpoints so organizations don’t have to worry about discrete increments.

The scalability of cloud especially benefits fast-moving industries like bio-IT. While infrastructure planning takes place three to five years out, cost reductions in scientific equipment, such as genome sequencers, can speed scientific advancement past their corresponding IT investments. Exciting stuff, but problematic for IT professionals trying to align on-premise backups with the data.

The agility of cloud gives enterprises the flexibility to adjust when real-world data growth exceeds planning assumptions made years earlier. BaaS with cloud tiering can offer agility in the event of the unexpected.

By running in the cloud, you avoid adding complexity to your infrastructure as well as a painful setup and execution experience.

Benefits of Backup as a Service

Backup as a service offers many benefits, including:

  • Convenience. The convenience offered by BaaS solutions is indisputable. BaaS is automated — once it’s set up, information is saved automatically as it streams in. You don’t have to proactively save, label, and track information. Rather, the convenience of BaaS allows you to concentrate on your work without worrying about data loss.
  • Safety. Because your data is stored in the BaaS, you are not subject to the typical threats of hackers, natural disasters, and user error. In fact, data that is stored in the BaaS is encrypted, which minimizes the risks your data can incur.
  • Ease of recovery. Due to multiple levels of redundancy, if data is lost or deleted (most frequently through individual user error or deletion), backups are available and easily located. Multiple levels of redundancy means that your BaaS stores multiple copies of your data in locations independent of each other. The more levels you have stored the better, because each level ensures that your data is safeguarded against loss as much as possible, allowing you to access a backed-up version of your data if it ever gets lost.
  • Affordability. BaaS can be less expensive than the cost of tape drives, servers, or other hardware and software elements necessary to perform backup; the media on which the backups are stored; the transportation of media to a remote location for safekeeping; and the IT labor required to manage and troubleshoot backup systems.

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On IT is a trustworthy name in the field of backup. We have helped many companies in protecting their valuable data and information with our backup as a service solution. If you want to protect your organization’s data, then get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.

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