Born out of a frustration that IT departments get a bad rep, On IT are changing the face of IT Managed Services as you know it.

Hating the IT department is a common sentiment in almost every company but our aim is to change your mind. Speak to one of our consultants today and learn how you can leverage the capabilities of On IT, and outsourced Managed IT services provider, and unlock the enterprise-grade expertise your business demands.

With resources immediately available for scaling to meet your organisation’s
needs – it’s possible to deliver projects faster and more effectively than
having to build and train an internal team or re-assign existing staff. Utilising
specialists in service delivery and project management with experience in
steering complex IT projects, means implementations swiftly reach fruition
and begin delivering service improvements immediately. Meanwhile risk can
be mitigated when appropriate lines of responsibility are established with
an outsourced partner who has leading edge knowledge of, and can take
responsibility for, managing risk around technology, compliance, security and

Helping you, so you can concentrate on running your business efficiently

Managing IT support systems, identifying issues and resolving them quickly to minimise business impact is a perennial task that takes up value time and resource. Our dedicated IT Support teams will be on hand to answer any question, and resolve any problem.


Our support desk is on hand to answer your call.

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Got a problem? Simply pick up the phone to our dedicated support desk.

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Taking Care of Business

Cabling work, Wireless Install, Procurement – On IT can help with all of this.

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Understanding the total realm of possibilities is critical to defending the cyber domain.


If you aren’t completely confident in your information security posture speak to On IT.

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